What we do with orphan packages? Is it packages from apps that they dont want them anymore?

Hello again!!!
Can you explain me if it is safe to delete the orphan packages and why did manjaro doing this???
I need to know some things about!!! Thanks!!!


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Since they are packages installed as dependencies, but now don’t have installed packages that depend on them, you may theoretically remove them.

Practically, you may want to keep some of them:

  • compilation packages are necessary for building AUR packages
  • kernel related packages may still be needed is related kernels are still installed

Is it ok to keep them all as is just to be sure?? :slight_smile:

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That’s what I do. I don’t care about orphans, and I will only remove them — on an individual basis — if the orphaned package no longer receives updates. :wink:


You just took me to a dark place. :grimacing:

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