What was the logic to disable os-prober?

I am sorry… Judging by the volume of posts, why was the decision to disable os-prober by default? Most of the Manjaro users that want to dual boot assume that it just will work like all the other distros. The logic escapes me. Os-prober active should be default and give the ones that want to disable it the choice to. Adding it to the default grub config would be a good thing to.

I looked that the grub bug report on it, and it was sure…lets change the default and screw everyone else. If i did a clean install of manjaro now along side windows, I would think i broke windows when it doesnt show.

Bad form.

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Check here Grub2 | Secure Boot Bypass and other issues - Update highly recommended


This makes no sense because most Linux users disable secure boot anyway. Secure boot is mostly a way to block any non-Windows OS.