What vpn do you guys recommend and works well with manjaro?

I’m new to vpn and never used one, so I waned your expert opinions and recommendations please.
Found PureVPN for $70 for 5-years plan. Sounds so good for the price.

Also, I could try that, thoughts?:

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I am very satisfied with https://surfshark.com/.

I did test :man_factory_worker: wireguard with my own endpoint(server), smartphones and Laptop :heart:

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I have been a long user of Mullvad.

From a reddit post:

  1. +10 years without scandals or leaks. You don’t want the cool new kid on the block for a VPN.
  2. Part of the very few VPNs with port-forwarding and no logging evidence, both critical to torrenting.
  3. Pioneered WireGuard adoption and actually donated to the project.
  4. External audit for both cross-platform app and infrastructure, as well as being open-source.
  5. Accepts bitcoin and have their own node in the blockchain, verifying payment themselves.
  6. Accepts cash payments, just mail it in with your account #.
  7. Complete server transparency and many self-owned servers.
  8. Doesn’t require any information for creating an account, not even e-mail.
  9. No affiliates or paid reviews.
  10. Not selling out to a conglomerate unlike other major VPNs.
  11. Detailed article on how Swedish legislation applies to them.
  12. Implemented measures to mitigate some of WireGuard weaknesses and contribute to wg-dynamic project.

Mozilla has a deal with Mullvad, if you want to support your favourite browser maybe consider getting Firefox’s VPN.

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i’ve been using proton vpn without any issues for a while .

It depends where you are.
If you’re in or going to a country that heavily censors the internet, then you need something that’ll work, especially if dealing with the Great Firewall.
vpn.ac has worked fine for me for several years. It implements various protocols, including Wireguard.

I used PureVPN until it was unusable for months from China a few years ago. It that case, I was glad not to have bought a 5-year plan. I believe PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, so you might want to consider how long the CPC will tolerate it operating there.

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+1 for mullvad here as well. The mullvad gui/cli clients in the aur are maintained by a member of the manjaro team as well

With a first-class gui:

Cli only:

I use nordvpn. It uses a command line interface which I like.

I use Private Internet Access. It has a nice GUI that installs on Arch/Manjaro.

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