What to do after installing Manjaro?

Hi :wave: all ,
if i ask you what to do after installing manjaro what you say ?

After installing? The only thing you can do is use it.


Well, you could…

Oh, nevermind. This is just like fishing with dynamite. :rofl:


Learn how the maintain the system

Learn about why you should not use AUR indicriminately


thank you

I didn’t see it mentioned, but you will want to watch the Announcment forum, at least Stable (assuming you are using Stable). You can either logon to this forum and read, or you can use the RSS Feed. I use QuiteRSS, but there are a number of RSS readers out there.

This is just an example of setting up your Manjaro Discourse forum setting.

Keeping track of the Contributions > Tutorials category might be helpful too.

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