What should i do with Pacsave files?

i just removed a software(virt-manager) and got a bunch of pacsave files.
i should have used sudo pacman -Rsun

i regulary take care of the Pacnew files i get after an update,but couldn’t find what to do with Pacsave files.
according to the Arch wiki;
"A .pacsave file may be created during a package removal,
These files require manual intervention from the user and it is good practice to handle them right after every package upgrade or removal. If left unhandled, improper configurations can result in improper function of the software or the software being unable to run altogether. "

so what should i do with them?(all related to libvirt);
can i just delete them?or just remove the whole Libvirt folder where they reside since i just uninstalled it?

and while i’m at it,
i also found these two:
can i remove them too?(i uninstalled TLP and linux 59)

.pacsave are saved config files after removal of a package, you do whatever you want with them, keep or delete. It’s your old config files.


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