What results in a forum account deletion?

I was using an account (the same email address and name as this one) to monitor the stable updates channel. I received a notification of the updates last month, but not the one on December 6th. My account was apparently deleted, as I could not get a login link to my email and could easily create an account under the same username and email. I was not notified of this, and more importantly, I’m not sure why this happened. (I haven’t been able to find any policies that I may have violated.)

Can someone clarify why this might have happened, or specify the conditions under which an account is deleted?

The :man_facepalming: Discord Discourse app does internal housekeeping and removes inactive accounts after a period - I don’t remember the number.

But - you don’t need a forum account to monitor the announcement thread.

And feed reader can aggregate this for you - just add .rss to browser address of the topic you want to monitor.

Search using Pamac feed reader

Example using Aggregator

The matray app does a Manjaro only feed aggregation from the feeder service @ manjaro.news domain

sudo pacman -Syu matray
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Discourse rather?

It’s 60 days before an inactive user (trust level 0 without any posts) is automatically purged.