What plugin makes the console do this?

Hello, i have been trying Manjaro + gnome for some time now. As i came from other version with bash shell, the zsh shell really surprised me.

And well, know on every machine i setup i want to have a similar config to the one i get as default on manjaro, but cant use manjaro always. Anyway, i have been searching but couldnt find what makes manjaro console remenber other commands i used, just like the photo below.

So, what kind of plugin is using the console to do this? Sorry if my question is stupid, but i really want to know xddd

Thank you :slight_smile:

edit: i dont know why, but cant upload photos nor links, anything :confused:

look at the file ~/.zshrc
it loads/sources some files
these files are contained in the package
unpack it and you have everything you need
(the files it contains are installed to /usr/share/zsh - you’ll also find them there)

Thank you so much.

Finally, i found it. The plugin is called zsh-autosuggestions :slight_smile:

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