What packages are necessary for i3wm?

I used to i3, but I don’t want to lose my application caches, such as Deluge and Wi-Fi settings, in my Cinnamon environment.Instead, I need to add i3 packages like dmenu and so on, and eventually transfer vim etc. config. So, which packages are necessary? ( I need to merge two computers data, but essential one is cinnamon)
It seems there are numerous packages I need, and counting them one by one is exhausting. Is there an ‘i3-full’ package that contains the entire collection of necessary components, like a supreme package collection? :cowboy_hat_face: I feel passing application’s caches to new clean installation exhausting rather than to do so :slight_smile:
I did log in with it, and then I couldn’t even open a terminal window. (It’s quite frustrating, by the way). :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The beauty if i3 is that you can configure everything and you’re not locked to certain programs.

However, there is the manjaro-i3-settings package that you could use or start with.

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There is a small i3 package group:

❯ pacman -Sg i3
i3 i3-wm
i3 i3blocks
i3 i3lock
i3 i3status
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Thank you, I thought, I should install additional packages more than @Yochanan’s suggestion but not, I was looking wrong config location and of course wrong keybindings…
~/.i3/config instead
It’s going well, thank you :heart:

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