What package to use for RTL8723DU on x86_64 architecture?

I see and appreciate that the manjaro-arm community has RTL8723DU support. However, I recently picked up an x86_64 based laptop (the Gateway GWTN156-11BK) for a low-budget text editor on the go and it also uses the RTL8723DU, but I can’t seem to find a module to install for this in the core repo or in AUR for x86-based platforms. Is there one, and if not, can someone provide this relative Linux beginner some advice on how to get GitHub - lwfinger/rtl8723du to work?

Hi there,

You should be able to use the ‘arm’ package … the PKGBUILD even includes x86_64.
(though it does also include arm-specific patch … which could be removed, but probably wont interfere)
I wonder why we dont have it in the other branches. :thinking:

Anyhoo, this should work:

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel linux$(uname -r| grep -o -E '[0-9]+' | head -n 2 | sed 'N;s/\n//')-headers
git clone https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/packages/community/rtl8723du-dkms-git.git
cd rtl8723du-dkms-git
makepkg -sric

Above we have update, install headers and base-devel.
Then clone the package source and build/install it along with dependencies.

Let me know if there are any errors. :slight_smile:

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