What package format for Manjaro?

I am familiar with .deb and .rpm packages from the Debian and RedHat families respectively. What type of package does Manjaro use? For example, I wish to install Beyond Compare (scootersofware dot com) for which I hold a license. It is available in the two formats which I listed above. There does not seem to be a tarball available as the program is not open source (I believe). Can one of the common package formats be used in Manjaro or “aliened” to Manjaro (I think that is the Debian/'buntu term.



That means you install this AUR package
pamac build bcompare
from terminal.

It looks to be available in the AUR. bcompare, bcompare-thunar, bcompare-mate etc.

Manjaro uses arch .zst or .pkg.tar.xz

I have a licence for beyond compare too. I installed the aur version and the cinnamon add on (I’m running cinnamon) and it works perfectly with my licence. Hope that helps

Well spank my butt - I would have never guessed. I have been using Beyond Compare since about version 1 on Windoze. I have performed some real think out of the box miracles with it. A few years back I was in the process of answering a question on Linuxquestions.org and BC sounded like the right tool. I decided to see if it would run under Wine. I went to download an evaluation copy and found that it had been ported to Linux. I immediately procured a Linux license. I have my CentOS machines hooked to the scootersoftware repo. I had no idea that the source code would be in the AUR repo. Wow!

I downloaded and built BC as instructed. pamac installed all of the building packages. Amazing, I have built from tarballs before and it is always a chore the first time to get all the building tools in place. VERY impressive!

Thank you all for the information. I have BC running on my Manjaro Mate virtual machine. I just need to locate and install my license key.


p.s. Feeling froggy I decided to try building gnome-commander. pamac found a bunch of building tools, installed them, pulled down the source and started the build. It barfed on

configure: error: gnome-vfs >= 2.0.0 not found

I sort of expected that as gnome-vfs is rather obsolete and the maintainer has been investigating its replacement. Now I have a bunch of unneeded packages installed which I guess I might want to clean up. pamac is 1 for2. Still impressive and I will have to see what else I can find to built/install.

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