What is your Resolution Scaling in Gnome?

Is there anyone who is using a 15.6 inch 1080p laptop with Manjaro Gnome? I just want to know how is your display scaling set up? Native res seems a little small.

I use a 14" 1920 x 1080 monitor.

scaling @ 100%

However I use Tweaks>Fonts>Scaling Factor 1.25
Otherwise the text is too small for me :probing_cane:

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Why don’t u use gnome fractional scaling? Set scaling to 125% & everything will b properly set. No need to just enlarge the text. Every ui element should scale properly.

By setting the text only to 1.25 in tweaks, the UI elements are smaller than by using fractional scaling at 125%. However this way the text is larger.

For me, fractional scaling produced GUI elements that are too large and this was my solution. I am very happy with it!

Yup… 125% is a little large for me too. I am just searching a good solution.

& What about your gdm & grub menu scaling?

I never got around to changing them from stock to be honest. They are too small at stock settings for sure.

I am happy with 125% system wide scaling. Everything looking good & sharp. No need to change any browser settings or font settings. Similar to Windows which also does 125% scaling by default.