What is `wenativehost`?

I found a process running in the background called wenativehost. This has established connections to IP addresses From whois I found that it is Amazon. But how this process started? How to know more about this process? The process ID is 1657 in my PC.

The only thing I can find about it on the internet is this… :arrow_down:


But as you can see, this is a Windows executable ─ it’s a download manager ─ so are you sure you’re seeing this in Manjaro? And if so, could it perhaps be something that you started via Wine, possibly from within another Windows application?

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You’re right. It’s a download manager. It’s in Manjaro repository. Free Download Manager (FDM). Here is the executable location:


But don’t know why this is necessary for a download manager! By default, it has permissions like:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 875760 Apr 16 23:04 /opt/freedownloadmanager/wenativehost

It’s not in the Manjaro repository; it’s in the AUR, which pamac has access to. But so it’s not a Manjaro package, and it isn’t even a real Arch package. It’s third-party software, which is why it installs under /opt instead of under /usr.

Possibly it’s only a periodic ping to see whether the network is still up, although with third-party software you can never be certain, because the code is closed and proprietary.

The filesystem permissions are irrelevant in this regard, and there’s nothing wrong with them. :wink:

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