What is this theme on Plasma 5.26 video?

I really like this theme at 00:15 of Plasma 5.26 is All About the Widgets - YouTube

All transculent, glassmorphism and four round corners

Can anyone tell me what this theme is?

This theme is unknown to me, but it would probably be a heavy custom.

It looks several mixes: Windows 11 panel + MacOS icons + … that I guess :man_shrugging:


I found this theme: It is called “Ocean”


Wallpaper: Blue Ocean KDE Blue Ocean Plasma Wallpaper - pling.com
Theme: Lightly + Monterey Dark + Custom
Colors Scheme: Custom, Download from here: Telegram: Contact @LinuxChats
Icon Pack: White Sur

But I couldn’t make all dolphin transculent

This KDE theme was designed by Zorin OS user/developer, he knows well.
You can ask him in this reddit.

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