What is the `wordpress` package?

Title explains it all, what exactly is it? Is it just like an auto installer for Wordpress or something?

it just install wordpress files in /usr/share/webapps/ and change onwnerchip to httpd:httpd (user on which apache run) of /usr/share/webapps/wordpress/wp-content/uploads.
it won’t configure or install any web server. and I don’t know wordpress so I don’t know about its own config.

I already know how to set up Wordpress manually and shiz, I was just curious how and what exactly the package did – thanks for the help :hugs:

you can check what does it do on arch site (package)
if you click on “source files” you can look the PKGBUILD and the wordpress.install files to see what it will do at installation and updates, remove etc.
and you can see the file list inside the package if you click on View the file list for wordpress
and as there is only php in dependencies it’s sure it won’t configure any webserver.

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Good to know that, didn’t know where the things are where it tells to move files to at installation, thanks again mate

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