What is the status of the GPS on Pinephone Plasma Mobile?

Also, any workarounds to get it functional?

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Current status is not working.

The Plasma Mobile UI does not hook up to the GPS yet.


FWIW, I think a working GPS map and navigation program is the last thing keeping me from getting a Pinephone with Manjaro Plasma Mobile. I suppose I could get the phone now and upgrade the software later, but on the road navigation was the killer app that caused me to switch from a dumb phone to a smart phone in the first place.

What is the status of the GPS on Phosh? At least, “noob way” (open Maps application, press the Location button) doesn’t work by default. If there are some instructions how to make it work, where can I find them?

On Phosh you have GNOME Maps, and if You have mobile data (they work on phosh very well), you can actually use maps with “GPS” (I’m not sure how much location data is from GPS and how much just from cellular triangulation) but If you don’t care about precision, You can use it :wink:

It doesn’t work, unfortunately. I have the same problems as these: