What is the real size of the empty RAM


the RAM output of screenfetch is much larger than that of system monitor, and Info Center says that I have a big hard disk cache and a small Appdata and my available RAM is only < 2GB

What is the real size of my available RAM?


(base) [19:53:38] firestar:~ $ free -m
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7881        1877        3894         975        2110        4766
Swap:           0           0           0

Why is used here much smaller than shared + buff/cache and used + free much smaller than total?

Memory that is You’d call it Linux calls it
used by applications Used Used
used, but can be made available Free (or Available) Used (and Available)
not used for anything Free Free

And does Microsoft’d call it what ‘You’d call it’? I am wondering which saves the more avaliable RAM.

What does the terminology have to do with how much free memory you have?

Somehow I just knew this link would be here.

It’s not like Windows where the disk cache forcefully occupies the RAM, don’t worry

The disk cache in Arch/Manjaro especially, gets immediately freed when RAM is requested. Treat it as being empty.