What is the official, recommended solution to add Gnome support for other hot corners?

I am a bit suprised Gnome has a single hot corner: top left.
When you move the panel to the left side (vertical), because you would like to maximise vertical screen space, the ArcMenu is the top left icon.

Often when I want to open the menu, I get Activities instead.

It seems strange of me these defaults have been chosen, as one of the popular ways to use Gnome is with the vertical panel.

Thankfully, you can change the hot corner action: to open ArcMenu (right-click ArcMenu > ArcMenu Settings > General > “Modify Activities Hot Corner” (wheel)).

But currently it is not possible to configure other hot corners. For example:
Top Left - Application Launcher (ArcMenu), done.
Bottom Left - Activities (currently open apps)
Top Right - show desktop

What is the official, recommended solution to add support for other hot corners?
I found the following:

  1. Waycorner AUR package and Github project
    → unclear if this is meant for Gnome?
    → It asks “Choose a provider for cargo”, giving me 2 options “Rust (extra)” or “Rust (community)”, I am clueless about this stuff.
  2. CustomCorner AUR package and Github project → seems outdated, predates Gnome with Wayland.
  3. Custom Hot Corners Extended Github project → Seems absolutely overkill, hot corners is just one of its features. I just need to add bottom left and top right.

I would like to install (and be dependent on) as little 3rd party things as possible. I am not using any Gnome Extension yet and haven’t installed the requirements for it (why install a browser addon if I all want is a few extra hot corners?).

I hope someone can shed some light on the absolute simplest solution. Waycorner needs to install 15 things, among them 85MB of Rust library and 35MB GCC. Then it needs some manual setup. I don’t mind doing that if it’s still the fastest/lightweight solution with least amount of dependencies.

Is there a future Gnome update coming that supports more hotcorners?

I completely understand your mindset. :+1:

But I would recommend installing this extension.

The only issue, that I personally have with extensions, is that they might break with future Gnome updates. Other than that I think installing extensions is the best way to customize things in Gnome.

You can always manually download and install the extension.

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I did the following:

  1. Created the folder extensions in /home/myname/.local/share/gnome-shell/
  2. Inside that new folder, created a folder with the UUID of the extension custom-hot-corners-extended@G-dH.github.com
  3. Extracted the contents of the downloaded zip file to that folder (Gnome shell v40, version 9)
  4. Ran the command
gnome-extensions enable custom-hot-corners-extended@G-dH.github.com
Extension “custom-hot-corners-extended@G-dH.github.com” does not exist

What am I doing wrong? I read online this is the location for gnome shell extensions.

Did you restart gnome-shell after this?

To restart gnome-shell:

Press Alt + F2 → Type r → Press Enter

I am using default Manjaro Gnome installation. It uses Wayland. Restart is not available. But I rebooted instead. Now the command does not give an error, I suppose it executed correctly…

I thought I would see a new menu item in Tweaks, but there isn’t. Also cannot find an application in AppMenu for this extension…

edit: Found it: Extensions!
Thanks for all the support! :slight_smile:

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Well… it seems even after figuring all of this out I still can’t configure what I wanted:
Top Left Hot Corner → open Arc Menu (application launcher).

It’s not an app that I can launch, it’s part of Gnome Shell.
I have configured it to launch via Win key (left super key) but would love to have it automatically open as soon as I move the mouse to the top left corner.

  1. Go to the Extensions app

  2. Open Arc Menu Settings

  3. In the General tab, enable Modify Activities Hot Corner

  4. Click on the cog wheel next to it

  5. Change Activities Hot Corner Action to Toggle ArcMenu → Click Apply