What is the new way for moving windows between workspaces?

I am using Cinnamon DE.
Before the latest update the things worked well.
Now after the update few things work wrong.
The Display application was removed from the Menu. After all I found it hide into the System settings, OK let them be happy with that who was invented.
There are few other annoying features i don’t list all of them. But…
Until this day I was able easily move windows between workspaces with:
LeftClick + AndHoldTheMouseButton + Arrow.
After the update this fine and beatiful feature is dead.
How can I set back the old hotkey for this operation?
There is a keyboard setting for shortcuts but I can’t figure out what is LeftClick + AndHoldTheMouseButton.
Thanks in advance for the help.

In Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts you can see the existing options. Only the left and right shift of the on focus window is predefined, but you could create more:


I haven’t seen an option to do it with the mouse.

The mentioned shorcuts do nothing.
Example: right now I pressed all those keys, nothing happened. This browser where I am typing in this post stays in the workspace1, does not move anywhere.
What was the option in the past, two weeks before? What was the old shortcut?
It is important because the new doesn’t work. But the old one worked perfectly.

These shortcuts work perfectly for me. Check if they are defined in your system in Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Windows > Workspaces. You can also change them to other shortcuts that you are more comfortable with.

Cinnamon has replaced the Muffin window manager with Metacity and that must be the reason for the shortcut changes.

Thanks for your efforts.
These shorcuts perfectly wont work at my side.
Anyway such replace should not ruin nobody’s system. No offense, just my opinion.
I am looking up the old shortcut. Maybe the replacent will work that too.
Any other cases I must to replace Cinnamon with other DE.

these work. I didn’t find shortcuts combined with mouse.