What is the meaning of /boot/*.kver?

I do write a small program, and i am wondering what is the meaning of the files /boot/*.kver

Until today i thought the contents of the file describes

  • the name of the kernel or
  • the name of the modules directory in /lib/modules


cat  /boot/*.kver                                                                                                                        [1]
4.4.294-1-MANJARO x64
4.19.220-1-MANJARO x64
5.10.84-1-MANJARO x64
5.15.5-rt22-1-MANJARO x64
5.15.7-1-MANJARO x64

And mostly that does seem to fit:

du -sh /lib/modules/*                                                                                                                  [130]
66M	/lib/modules/4.4.294-1-MANJARO
80M	/lib/modules/4.19.220-1-MANJARO
88M	/lib/modules/5.10.70-1-MANJARO
88M	/lib/modules/5.10.79-1-MANJARO
88M	/lib/modules/5.10.84-1-MANJARO
112M	/lib/modules/5.14.18-1-MANJARO
110M	/lib/modules/5.15.5-1-rt22-MANJARO
115M	/lib/modules/5.15.7-1-MANJARO
200K	/lib/modules/extramodules-4.4-MANJARO
160K	/lib/modules/extramodules-4.19-MANJARO
164K	/lib/modules/extramodules-5.10-MANJARO
252K	/lib/modules/extramodules-5.15-MANJARO
248K	/lib/modules/extramodules-5.15-rt-MANJARO

But it does seem not to fit with rt-kernels

5.15.5 -rt22-1- MANJARO x64
/lib/modules/5.15.5 -1-rt22- MANJARO

It only lists the exact version of the installed kernel, so that mhwd-kernel can keep track of the kernel versions you have on your system. This is important because of the way Manjaro handles kernel updates ─ e.g. a newer 5.10 kernel will upon updating replace the previous 5.10 kernel, as opposed to being installed alongside of it, as is more common in other distributions.

The name of the directory with the modules is defined by the kernel package itself.

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