What is the "<>" key?

I’m working on keyboard input - and just getting curious about this mystery key…

Is it the elusive Any key? :dizzy_face:


context? - or proof that it exists :grinning:

On my keyboard, there is this key, labelled with 3 glyphs,
< when pressed
> when pressed with Shift
| when pressed with Alt-Gr

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I guess it’s something which applies to different layouts and keyboards than mine.

I haven’t seen an Alt-Gr for a few years, I think I remember seeing one when I used Wordstar on an IBM… or it might have been Wordperfect.

I’m ok with the compose key and have quite a few entries on there in my .XCompose so I can do some extra things… but this one really confused me.

Thnx - mystery is solved!

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