What is the file /etc/manjaro-arm-version?

In reading another thread, it was advised to run cat /etc/manjaro-arm-version

$ pacman -Qo /etc/manjaro-arm-version
error: No package owns /etc/manjaro-arm-version

If I cat this file on two different RPi4 that I have setup, I see:

rpi4 - kde-plasma - 20.12

rpi4 - kde-plasma - 20.10

If no package owns the file, what updates it? And why would two up-to-date machines have different output? Is the point of this file to know what version a particular installation started with?

It’s a file our tools generate, so we can see what device, edition and version the install is made from. :slight_smile:

So the file does not get updated, you just used 2 different images for the two pi’s.

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