What is the difference between wine versions?

I’ve been using linux for like a month and smth that made me angry is when i try to install packages, it sometimes requires wine and other times require wine-staging or winetricks
I want to know what are the differences and what version to use in general for all the packages

  • Wine = Wine
  • Wine Staging = Wine Testing (patches that haven’t made it to the stable branch)
  • Winetricks = A script to install components or to tweak stuff

Even further if you want to know:

  • Lutris Wine = Wine with patches from Lutris, only used for Lutris
  • Proton = Wine with Valve patches (only used for Steam)
  • Proton-GE= Proton with patches from Glorious Eggroll (Only used for Steam)
  • Protontricks = Similar to winetricks but used for Proton

ok but why does some packages require wine others staging and others tricks


please write complete words

I guess you try to install AUR packages that are windows programs

(by the way, kde and plasma tags are not correlated to this issue)

Which packages?

like for example, grapejuice, the way you are supposed to install roblox by requires winetricks i think
another app required staging i don’t actually remember what it’s
and others requires wine

Correcting my tags and typing is not helpful u know the word it’s something
and the tags doesn’t matter they were optional

Because it has patches to make some things work, but it hasn’t been approved to make it to stable branch yet

Because for some programs you need to:

WINE itself isn’t a perfect implementation to run Windows programs

If you don’t have forum etiquette, then people are less likely to assist you.

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ok but to get winetricks or staging i have to remove wine itself cuz they conflict and this is

It is normal forum etiquette using appropriate tags and writing complete words

winetricks can work with either wine or wine-staging

Install wine-staging

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