What is the current state of AMD mesa/drivers support for 7000 series GPUs?

About 2 weeks after release of AMD 7000 GPUs I got mine and to make it work with Linux I had to compile mesa with latest llvm v15 that was still only in git repos at that time as described HERE.

I don’t really do much with AUR and the LLVM packages want to update to another git version which takes ages to download and compile and I really don’t want to do that again.

I am not really sure how to check myself, so I’m gonna ask.

Is there mesa (compiled with llvm15) + driver/firmware support for AMD 7000 GPUs in the regular package repos by now ?

Both mesa 22.3.4 in the stable branch and 22.3.5 in the testing and unstable branches are compiled with llvm 15.0.7.

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