What is the correct way to change my password?

I must be getting old. I used the passwd(1) command to change the password recently (as I’ve been doing for about 40 years). It was a few days before I wound up rebooting. When Brave restarted, it complained that my password didn’t match what it had in its toolchain (I think that was what it said, it’s gone now). Fortunately, I had recorded my now previous password in LastPass, so I could look it up. I used that password and Brave was happy.

Where did I go wrong? Is there better way to change my password? Will this happen again upon my next reboot?

Thank goodness for password vaults.

Auto login is usually the culprit - because using auto login the vault is not unlocked using the user’s login credentials and therefore not changed on password change.

Now that I reflect on @Aragorn’s comment - I realize it sounds logical - so for the system to alter the keyring/vault one would need using e.g. seahorse to maintain the vault.

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Changing your login password ─ with the passwd(1) command ─ has no effect on any passwords required by applications, including a key chain or vault application that collects passwords for all of your other applications.


Indeed… The user’s login password is stored in /etc/shadow as a salted hash, and any passwords that the user keeps in a vault are stored in the user’s $HOME. :wink: