What is the correct way of using Manjaro for gaming?

Hi, I searched a lot on the internet and this forum to get a laptop with intel iGPU and nVidia dGPU to work properly with Manjaro, because of CSGO and LoL crashes I tried to manually install drivers from pamac and ended up “breaking” the OS with Manjaro booting into a black screen. I fixed this by editing the boot options, adding nomodeset and removing quiet and then removing all nvidia drivers with pacman.
Can please anyone tell me what drivers should I use for a hybrid laptop (nvidia+intel)? If it matters the laptop has a 1050 and an i7 7700. Most games worked for some time with default drivers but then CSGO hanged up the entire OS and I had to force restart every time I tried to open the game and LoL crashed instantly after loading screen.
Thanks a lot!

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Have a look here:


This website had absolutely 0% of the information I needed, the only part which seems to have any of the info I asked is “How do I set up manjaro for gaming?
13:02Suggested clip 104 secondsHow To Set Up Manjaro For Gaming – Steam Proton – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip” but guess what it is broken there is no link and it shows exactly what I copy-pasted here
What I asked is which drivers did I need to install, please if anyone is just going to copy paste a link that doesn’t even have anything useful in it ignore the question

Probably this thread:


Thanks a lot exactly what I was looking for, however CSGO still crashes now League runs fine, so probably it’s a problem with CSGO itself

I have never tried playing CS:GO myself, but I heard about putting


into the launch options fixing the issue for many people. Command itself disables joystick input and I doubt you are using a joystick to play CS:GO so I suggest you try that.

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Apparently deleting scripts and cfg folder fixed it (after that verify game integrity) but thanks for the suggestion

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