What is the best filesystem compatibility and how to setup file permission?

i want to format one partition on a secondary HDD (/dev/sdb1) to change temporary files and copy it after that on my other exfat drives ( had several problems with my new created sdb1 exfat partition), i also want to add that i don’t want let win10 have access to this partition and it looks that there is no access for exfat on windows10 but exfat should be supported on windows atleast that was i alwas experienced atleast with win7, maybe the support for exfat removed from Microsoft? I’m clueless whats going on there.

So my main question is, should i format my partition with exfat or with ext3 or ext4, i worried mainly on data corruption if i transfer my files from sdb1 partition to my other drives (exfat), the secondary goal is to hide it from win10.

Another problem that i had on my first try after formatting the partition with exfat, that i had problems with file extraction (Ark GUI) and already created projects, but save/modify (Shotcut GUI) i get access error.

I had mounted this partition in the last few days with fstab:
UUID=9088-CA65 /media/temp exfat defaults 0 0

After frustation that i had with this 2 Applications i format the partition with ext4 and i had even more access problems, it looks like there is only admin root rights, but i prefer to have full user access rights that i can work with dolphin, ark and shotcut and to have access that is not vanished after a reboot.

So my actually partition is: /dev/sdb1 formatted with ext4
and UUID is: 1e81b7c2-3438-438a-b572-ff8a966a78e1
Mount Point: /media/temp

Any help is welcome, thanks in advanced.


Hmm this tutorial still don’t help me to choose which filesystem i should use and its still full with information that is far to advanced for me, i just want a simple all access solution, i don’t care about security for this particular partition.

After reading the toturial i still can’t find the Info, why i can write and read files out of the box (with Modzilla and Dolphin) on a exfat but why i can’t modify or created files with Ark or Shotcut… there simply no answer in this tutorial or i just can’t see it.

I set my system up with ext4 just because it is native in Linux. Windows won’t read it, nor list it as a drive, but there are apps available to allow access to ext3/4.

I suppose you could encrypt the drive/partition as well.

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sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/temp

If in doubt use ext4. :slight_smile:


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