What is the best configuration to get cuda and cudnn with the current state of drivers?

I have installed video-nvidia and it has provided me with nvidia drivers version 455.45.01 which I have found using nvidia-smi.

Now looking at table 2 in the official Nvidia CUDA compatibility table here in https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/index.html (It said I cant include links - maybe because I am new to the forum?? so I just dropped the text of the link), it seems that I need to get CUDA 11.1 which is not available in pacman or aur.

aur currently holds 11.0 as the highest version and pacman has already bumped up to 11.2 (Honestly, I dont understand why manjaro did this bump even - you are literally ending up with a incompatible driver configuration.)

I am just starting out with CUDA and I am setting this up for about a month now and this recent bump to 11.2 is just messing things up.

Can someone please tell me what is a configuration with the current available packages in manjaro - can I run a CUDA 11.0 alongwith the nvidia 455.45.01 drivers? (I do not understand the configuration table so, if my understanding that only the driver version ranges in between will work with a cuda version, please correct me)

I have been at this over a month and recent changes have complicated things way more - I request you all to help (Manjaro please help this poor soul)

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If drivers in repository are not suitable, uninstall them all and install the ones from the manufacturers website.

Will that cause any other dependency issue? I am using the graphics card for ML and graphics processing and obviously I dont want it to break once I start using using it owing to any dependency changes - I had this issue with my old OS and I switched to Manjaro thinking it would make things easier.

Though I can do that, I would be faced with an issue with cuda drivers because they depend on OS? And I dont see arch or manjaro there.

Which GPU are you using?

You can download whichever version of cuda is suitable for you (cuda 11.1.1-1 probably) from the Arch Linux Archive until the situation gets sorted out.

Me neither, cuda shouldn’t just be imported from the Arch package repositories as it is highly tied to the NVIDIA driver version, of which Manjaro ships its own separate version.

Thank you so much - Finally a solution :partying_face:

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