What is manjaro Linux?

Sometimes I ask what is manjaro? the system is ‘Arch’, the UI is xfce for example, even the curser(mouse pointer) is from KDE, SO what is manjaro in the end?!!!

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The system isnt Arch … its manjaro.
The ‘UI’ you refer to is a Desktop Environment.
The ‘cursor’ is a theme like your icons …

Anyways … here you go:


@cscs,but i read that manjaro is built on Arch linux is it right?

It is derived from Arch in the same way Mint is derived from Ubuntu which is derived from Debian.
But we have our own repositories, add our own packages, are split between 3 branches (Stable, Testing, Unstable) only one of which is very close to Arch release cycle.

Please read the wiki instead of repeating basic questions that are answered there already.

For a more general overview of “what is a linux distro” you should hit your favorite search engine.

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Manjaro is based on arch like Ubuntu is based on debian. But like Ubuntu isn’t debian Manjaro isn’t arch either, they have their own repositories

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thanks,I’m reading it now!

@sawdoctor,@cscs But why you don’t create a desktop environment(UI) like cinnamon with mint or Unity for ubuntu, why you use xfce or kde or gnome, a big project as this must have a specific desktop environment,before I come to manjaro I listen A lot on how this Os is big and powerful,but when i chose it i wonder how this beautiful os don’t has an own UI!!!

xfce is written since '96
Gnome is developed since '99
KDE started the development also in '96 for KDE Plasma that went trough a lot of changes.
Here a longer list of such more Desktop environment - ArchWiki and each performs better with one or few more Window manager - ArchWiki that will work as what you call UI …

Manjaro is not focused to reinvent the wheel of UI, there are other projects that focus on that. We provide an easier access to them …


I dont think you grasp the differences here.
Developing a theme is different than a DE is different than a distro.

A DE can be a trademark of a distro … like Pantheon for Elementary.
But thats not what we do here … well codesardine is making JADE I suppose, but thats not ‘the manjaro desktop’.

Apparently you missed the news that Ubuntu dropped Unity for GNOME a few years ago.

Well, in case you somehow didn’t notice, Manjaro has its own theme called Maia in a few different forms. :wink:

They started with GNOME. They dropped it for Unity and now they’re back to GNOME. They’re the world see-saw champions. :wink:

AWESOME. That’s what it is. It’s awesome!

‘Manjaro’ is what happens when people don’t want the ‘Arch’ system.
The UI is not XFCE. Different desktops can be used, and my cursor is NOT from KDE…

So what ‘Manjaro’ is boils down to the community of developers. They start by forking off Arch, they also put in some extra software creating a new spin with some extra tools.

They also put in stuff they like - and stuff users mostly like (this is called ‘BLOAT’ by Arch users) like Steam, Snap and Flatpak and extra themes (which anyone can install on any distribution).

Most questions can be answered by understanding the language. As with many things in Linux, rather than have everything done for you, you’re expected to develop some understanding. As with Windows users (who generally accumulate a great deal of useless expertise, as demonstrated by my thousands of ‘Yahoo Answers’ back in the early noughties about anti malware software etc) you’re really better off learning to do a little research.

Start by searching for ‘what is manjaro’.
The answer includes words like ‘distribution’ so you then search for that word until you understand more.

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We are a Linux distribution. We package and distribute software. We are not primarily developers, but packagers. We also do some development, but not close to that much.

Manjaro is not a big project. This is a very small distribution with only ~20 team members and 2 paid employees. Developing and maintaining a desktop environment takes a lot more manpower than that. Gnome and kde have developers numbering in hundreds.

And why would we develop our own desktop environment? There are already plenty of good options to choose from, and Manjaro is famous for supporting multiple environments.


What is the main focus of manjaro in one word?!

Please don’t create a new topic to ask the same thing. We have a website for a reason.

Are you doing homework?
Or is this a cosmo questionnaire?

In one word?

Please remember …
Manjaro Forum threads are not a replacement for your favorite search engine.

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I feel like a Kindergarten teacher answering that question.

Now, what is the purpose of Windows?

thanks for reply,i just come from windows,i thik they are all desktop operating systems,but the history and phylosophie of each one is deffrent!
Windows a professional os for every pc
Kubuntu is a beautiful and modern os
Kali is an os for security engineers
xubuntu is light os for week laptops

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none of that is very true … or “one word” …

I dont know if this thread ever had any purpose … but whatever it had its probably exhausted that by now.