What i need to know before try to use Wayland?

Now I’m use Xfce4 session, but want to try some Wayland-based stuff like Sway/Hyprland in current environment. Yep, I want just install wayland-related packages and re-login into new wayland session without any troubles exsisted session Xfce4 (dont offer clean-install/livecd/VMs :slight_smile: )
It possible at all, what i need to do it in correct way?

You probably want to switch to something like Gnome or maybe KDE, as it’s too soon to use Wayland & Xfce. From what I have read, there is still a lot of work to be done for Xfce Wayland compatibility.

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In short, XFCE does not support Wayland, so what you’re planning to do isn’t going to work. :man_shrugging:

As @ydar says, if you want to experiment with Wayland, then you’ll need to switch to either KDE Plasma or GNOME. GNOME now uses Wayland by default, and KDE plans to use it by default in Plasma 6.

Either way, be prepared for lots of problems, and especially so if you have an Nvidia graphics adapter and you want to be using the proprietary Nvidia driver, because Wayland does not support that.

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If the login manager supports sway/hyperland this should technically work.

I run gnome and dabble with sway, after installing the sway package it is listed as an option in gdm and I can use gdm to start sway, have not tried hyprland. If this works with your login manager I cannot confirm.

The sway package will set up a minimal config file, if you are looking for the full manjaro sway experience, some more work is required, but it would be easier to just use the manjaro sway iso to install, the live iso will give you an idea about hardware+sway on your rig.

It seems low risk to run them besides each other if you know what you are doing and are able to recover if you mess with wrong config file somewhere.

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@ydar @Aragorn guys, thx, I’m already reading about current state Wayland support in Xfce4 (waiting for it), but I’m don’t planning to use it that manner, I just want start another (non-xfce4) wayland session from login manager. And yeah, I’am proud owner of intel graphics, so expecting no gpu/hardware problems with Wayland (hope on it)

@Hanzel thx so much, that’s what I looked for. Seems like lightdm already support wayland, i will try it)

It’s probably a good idea to perform all your experimenting using a separate user profile; which you can easily delete if things go awry.

In this way your regular profile remains unaffected by potential changes made by other sessions you want to play with. Cheers.

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