What Happens To Packages That Fail To Build?

Hi everyone I’m pretty new to manjaro so please forgive me if this seems like an elementary question. I tried installing the librewolf browser from the add/remove software gui but I would always get a build fail. I settled for installing the app image from the librewolf site but now I’m wondering what happened to the librewolf packages that didn’t build correctly. Are they still installed on my computer taking up space? I tried searching sudo pacman -Ss librewolf in the terminal if anything would come up but nothing does. If these packages are still installed on my computer is there any way for me to remove them or do apps that fail to build automatically get removed?


Build files are usually stored in /var/tmp/pamac-build-$user/

You probably wanted to install librewolf-bin which is the binary rather than trying to build it from source. You can do that with pamac build librewolf-bin


Thanks. :grinning:
I’m not on my manjaro machine at the moment but I’ll try what you suggested with the pamac build in a while. How exactly can I search for /var/tmp/pamac-build-$user/ and remove the unused librewolf files already in there first. Will sudo pacman - Sc work or does that do something different from what I’m thinking.

To complement @NGr’s answer, you would have correctly guessed the package is indeed not installed. Only the construction files are kept.

You can do so from pamac’s (Add/Remove software) settings, or with:

rm -rf /var/tmp/pamac-build-$user/*

Thanks, I was trying to find what commands would work myself in the meantime.

I’ve also written down :

sudo pamac clean --build files
sudo pacman -Sc
sudo pacman -Scc

Would any of those also work and what scope are those commands? Since the unused librewolf files were in the AUR would those commands work on AUR files? I would assume sudo pamac would only work on the official respository or am I mistaken.

Pamac can handle AUR packages, pacman can not.

NB: Do not use sudo with pamac, it will ask for authentication when required.

EDIT: You can see what pamac clean --build-files will remove (without actally removing anything because of the -d flag) with pamac clean -bvd.
The -b flag can be used in place of --build-files, see pamac clean --help

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Thanks again, so will pamac clean --build files also clean up the build files of librewolf even if they weren’t actually built correctly?

Sorry about the crossover, I realised my previous post didn’t actually answer your question and I edited it at the same time your wrote the above post.

From man pamac

pamac clean [options]

           --build-files, -b
               remove all build files, the build directory is the one specified in pamac.conf

So yes it will clean the build folder. Check by yourself, browse with your file manager to the build folder, issue the command, see the result live.