What happened to the Manjaro forum?

Strangely, after being out of the forum for a few weeks (after that discussion of the departure of a manjaro team member) I came back in here, and what do I see?
The forum a little changed and reworked, no post on Portuguese and no old post
Can someone clear it up for me?
Thank you

Long story short: technical problems forced the team to create a new forum.

You can read the announcement yourself.

The old forum has been archived, so you can access that too.

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Não andei a pesquisar direito mas obrigado pela informação
Thank you
I haven’t been doing the research right but thanks for the information

I see a lot of posts like this and what I find strange is that there is no mention of having to create a new account. You usually don’t have to create a new account for a forum unless it’s a completely new forum.

I created another account because I no longer knew about my old
Maybe i don’t care
Because I do not usually enjoy much of the forum

It is a completely new forum.

I didn’t say it isn’t

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