What happened to Albert?

> yay -S albert
:: There are 11 providers available for VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES:
:: Repositoryextra
    1) linux414-virtualbox-host-modules 2) linux419-virtualbox-host-modules 3) linux44-virtualbox-host-modules 4) linux49-virtualbox-host-modules 5) linux510-virtualbox-host-modules 6) linux511-virtualbox-host-modules 7) linux54-virtualbox-host-modules 8) linux59-virtualbox-host-modules :: Repositorycommunity
    9) linux54-rt-virtualbox-host-modules 10) linux59-rt-virtualbox-host-modules 11) virtualbox-host-dkms 

Enter a number (default=1): ^C⏎                                                                                          ```
This is an awkward choice, I am given here ...

pamac can find 2 packages in AUR with that name

albert-minimal                                       0.17.2-2               AUR 
    A sophisticated standalone keyboard launcher -
    minimal plugins included
albert-git                                           v0.16.1.r7.g34c00d7-2  AUR 
    A sophisticated standalone keyboard launcher.

AUR (en) - albert-minimal
AUR (en) - albert-git

Hi @JanSomething,

I’ve never heard of it and I have a friend with the name Albert, so I was somewhat confused. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you’re not talking about him but rather about this Albert then that won’t work, as the albert package doesn’t exist.

Instead, it seems the package you’re looking for is called albert-git:

$ pamac search albert

albert-git              v0.16.1.r7.g34c00d7-2  AUR
A sophisticated standalone keyboard launcher.

Hope this helps.

albert-git seems to be out of date, I went with albert-minimal. Thanks!

VCS packages are never out of date as they always pull the latest commit. The PKGBUILD only needs to be touched if there are changes to the build process.

Rather than just doing yay -S albert I would just do yay albert to pull up relevant options. albert-git would be the top option, minimal is the same but with minimal plugins…

I tried albert some time back, and I’d recommend you also take a look at ulauncher which is the last ‘super launcher’ that I used before settling mostly on krunner and the menu.

No problem installing both, just make sure they don’t both autostart with the system :wink:

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I tried ulauncher, it was good, too.

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