What happen to Cantata?

Can’t use Cantata anymore. Cannot extend window on either side, cannot use the player because it stand on a quarter inch long without being extend to reach the buttons. This happen after the upgrade 2 weeks ago. Now using Elisa with no problem.

Do you think it is a problem with the window manager or Cantata. What is the version number of Cantata and what flavour of Manjaro are you using? It may be possible to manipulate the window via key shortcuts?

It could be worth reporting the to the Cantata team:

Also, an old version is available as an AppImage (may be okay as long as you don’t need any of the updates between 2.0 and 2.4)

I guess you’re right, it might be a window manager problem. I was using the version installed by default on Manjaro KDE 20.03. I removed it, reinstalled it and got the same result. It is now remove for good. I’ll contact the Cantata team. Tks.

It must be a problem on your side - I use it everday without issues (yay Cantata!)

@vivasteve which flavor of Manjaro are you using?

@darkcity kde

Just checked here, no issues with Cantata on KDE Plasma on my machine.

I ran it in terminal, I get errors, but it runs well.

~ >>> cantata [11]
config_file: config parameter “id3v1_encoding” on line 18 is deprecated
Sep 01 16:30 : exception: Decoder plugin ‘wildmidi’ is unavailable: configuration file does not exist: /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg
Sep 01 16:30 : exception: Input plugin ‘tidal’ is not configured: No Tidal application token configured
Sep 01 16:30 : exception: Input plugin ‘qobuz’ is not configured: No Qobuz app_id configured

Cantata is really nice. If only it could have a handy mute/unmute speaker icon like the other programs playing audio :slightly_frowning_face:

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