What file systems can I use for /home?

Pretty self explanitory. However, I have a dual boot system with Win 10 Pro and am low on storage space on my primary drive. Because I want to access (Read/Write) all of my data from both Windows and Manjaro, my mass storage drive has been formatted as ExFAT. Copying my current /home data is not a problem at all for me.

TLDR, can I set /home to an ExFAT partition, and if so, are there any problems with mounting /home because it is on a different drive? Manjaro is already installed.

clarification; do you want to have /home on a separate partition whilst also wanting to share data on it with windows, as in use it as common storage for stuff you create in windows as well.

/home is meant to be user-space for the different users in your linux system. even if you manage to avoid issues running exFAT on your /home partition (i’m not sure), you will have issues if you the base directories in the /home partition not correspond to different users and being arbitrary directories (to linux) created by windows. so i think not

You can’t use exFAT for your home. You need a file system that supports Linux permission which exFAT doesn’t I think, you’ll run into related issues using exFAT (I never tried but that doesn’t sound right). You can mount an exFAT partition inside your user Home to share data with Windows though.

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Im the only user of this system, with the exception of a guest account on the Windows Boot.

No. /home needs to have support for POSIX file ownership and POSIX permissions. Neither of the FAT-based filesystems nor NTFS support this.

The best you can do with regard to interoperability is use a separate Windows-supported filesystem mounted to a directory inside your $HOME — e.g. /home/your-username/Data — and put all of the stuff you want to share with windows in there. Note: This will not work with applications that use their own data directories, such as Thunderbird, web browsers, et al.

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