What driver (free/non-free) should I select in the first installation window?

I am going to install Manjaro KDE Plasma but after seeing a installation guide video I am stuck at a point

When we boot in the boot stick to install Manjaro, in the welcome screen we have to select time zone, keyboard layout and other settings but there is a option of driver selection as free or non free. I am not sure that which I have to choose. I have only an integrated Graphics Card of AMD with AMD processor and no nividia or dedicated graphics card. I have used Ubuntu and Linux mint but they both cannot automatically configure with the wifi driver and shows my wifi driver as a propriety driver.

What option should I select ? Please help me with the selection!!

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Do you by any chance have an HP laptop ?

I have an HP All in One Desktop

If you don’t have an nvidia card then just select free drivers

HP doesnt seem to be doing that well when it comes to WiFi drivers and linux

So it doesnt matter what GPU I have ? As long as its not Nvidia we have to choose free ? If yes, why is that ?

But it shows realtek driver for wireless communication in the driver management in other Linux and it it not is use the driver manager gives a statement “No Propriety Driver is in use” but once it is enabled it gives “A propriety driver is in use”. These are the results in Linux mint and ubuntu

see this

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Because for Intel & AMD, the proprietary drivers are best and they also have official support from the Intel & AMD themselves. Also, the drivers are built into the kernel.

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