What does this means ? snap caddy-url

I am tipping my toe in ocean; to setup rocketchat server…
I am just follow thru the instruction on “dbtechreviews.com” and try to understand what i am doing.
sudo snap set rocketchat-server caddy-url=https://<your-domain-name>
I have a digitalocean ssh done, but i don’t want to waste extra money to do domain name (why need domain name ? i can just type in ip addr).
Installed rocketchat server (snap package) on the server… but
this sudo snap set rocketchat-server caddy-url=https://<your-domain-name> instruction i can’t proceed, because i don’t have (don’t want) a domain name.


I’m confused.

well - a chat server is of little use when you have no one to chat with :slight_smile: which is why you would need a domain name - but as you don’t want a domain name - your options are limited.

But domain names can be cheap - just visit the german registrar joker.com

You can get an .icu domain for USD 2.74 - 12 month of playground

If i only use the chat server among my siblin… i can just pass them the Ip address will do … does it ? I means once the ip is set in the chat client, it should stays there… don’t need to change anymore…
Is it at all possible without domain name ?

You could just walk into the next room and talk to them instead of messaging them?? That seems very easy and cheap.


That snap is using Caddy proxy server internally to configure certificates for your site. Almost certain you’ll need a domain name for this to work.

There’s always http://www.dot.tk/ for free…

You probably won’t want your chat to be out in the open but encrypted - and encryption requires a certificate and such certificate is only issued to a domain name and never issued to an IP address.

The reason for this is that an IP address can host multiple domains and as such not eglible for a certificate.

But you could try installing onionshare as this provides you with an encrypted platform - for among a few others - a chat.

Read the documentation Installation — OnionShare 2.3 documentation

onionshare from repo out of date and don’t work.

The comment linked below contains two options for successfully installing and running onionshare

One person runs the onionshare chatengine - everybody connects using the Tor browser and the onion address - either from GUI or terminal

An article by the lead developer of onionshare can be found at his website

To start a chat server In a terminal run

onionshare --chat

Appreciate for your explanation, it is very “Aha, thats why!!”
A good simple good explanation is thousand times better than 1 worthless joke.
Thank You.

My jokes may be free, but the drinks aren’t. Don’t forget to tip the waitress.

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Speaking of “tip the waitress” , i have being wondering is there feature in forum to "buy worthy friendly people who helped other people a “coffee” " ? i have always being thinking of that. sometime i am very grateful to some friendly people in forum who is so passionated to help other people who benefited… I am jobless now, but i can afford a cup of coffee to those whom i truly grateful… It is just a token of appreciation, nothing to do with money.

I am serious. I think this will also helps people who willing to help other open mindedly (not impose own will onto other people), let them be happy, and the one benefited also will be happy (so won’t feel we owe the fellow helper without returning back something…). Maybe forum owner might consider this suggestion. :slight_smile:

Thanks @linux-aarhus for the info.
I am trying to purchase a domain name from joker.com… … but it is really a joker…

This malfunction occurs everytime i clicked checkout… no idea why… hence … have not able to purchase a domain name. As for www.dot.tk… all that cheaper domain name that i have clicked said “not available” (they were initially available before i click) … all funny sites.

@andrewysk - I was getting the same results on joker.com earlier today, but the checkout seems to be working OK now.

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