What does this boot error mean?

The case is not related with some noticeable workstation load: just on some moment it had hanged. After hardware power off/on (reisub didn’t help) I have got this error on the screen.

Then I have reset some RAM-related BIOS options to default and booted without problem (as well as all these few days after).

Nevertheless I’d be happy to be sure my guess is valid: the problem on the screen is related to RAM. Is it so?

Looks like (intel?) cpu errors.

It is not Intel, but it is AMD Ryzen.

  • Try to switch Linux Kernel 5.10 or 5.4.

  • I guess MSI motherboard has the issue.

  • Disable C-States 6 or PBO (precision boost overdrive) in BIOS setting.


Yes, it is Ryzen. MB is B550M from GygaByte.
Thanks, I’ll look at those BIOS settings if the issue will repeat (hope will not).

I log same errors on Gigabyte x570S and Ryzen 5950X while Folding@Home

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2 days are over. That means, this issue does not appear after disabling C-State 6 or PBO? :slightly_smiling_face:

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As I have mentioned in the first message, I have reset some RAM setting to default value (and it was “Profile 1” - an attempt to use 3600 MHz for RAM modules). After this resetting there were no any problems. I’ll try your suggestion in the case I meet the issue again, thanks!

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