What does the word Manjaro translate to? Is it just a cool sounding word?

I know Ubuntu means something, so I was wondering if Manjaro also has a meaning to its title

A(rch) is a mountain - so is Kili Manjaro

But it has been asked before - so next time you want to ask - please search - upper right corner :mag:


Per Manjaro FAQ - Manjaro

Although the inspiration for the name originates from Mount Kilimanjaro [ ... ]
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ohhhh ok. Thank you :slight_smile:

Which by the way isn’t to say it’s not a seemingly poor inspiration: according to Kilimanjaro Meaning - Climbing Kilimanjaro, “kilimanjaro” is not “kili manjaro” but “kilima njaro”.

I suggest we rename the mountain Kilimamanjaro.

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rofl i agree

It translates to… Manjaro.

You can’t just translate companies’ names. Take for example Apple. Gibberish.

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Try this link for an explanation: