What does the arrow mean in gitlab Packages-Desktop file

In the gitlab file xfce/Packages-Desktop, what does it mean when a package is prefixed with an arrow ( “>”)?

Both of the packages below are in extra, but one is prefixed.

>extra xfce4-dict
pacman -Sii xfce4-dict ffmpegthumbnailer | grep '^Repo'

Is the “#” a real comment, thus the package is NOT installed.

# >extra xfce4-artwork
>extra xfce4-cpufreq-plugin
# xfce4-datetime-plugin

Does “>basic” mean these packages only apply to the minimal ISO image?

>basic midori

No prefix - always included.
# - a comment.
>basic - only in the minimal ISO.
>extra - only in the full ISO.

More details here.


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