What does super + control + alt + f1-9 do?

I am using Manjaro 20.2.1 and for DE Plasma 5.21.2
When I combine super + control + alt + f9 (or other numbers), my pc stuns and I am wondering why ?
I don’t know is it about manjaro or desktop environment but I just want to ask.

Huh? :thinking:

Ctrl + Alt + F1-F9 are TTY consoles. You should see a login prompt on all but the one your session is on (usually F1 or F2).

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I swear my computer was stunned 3 times in a row but now just opens blank console screen.
I’m a newbie and I have the right to ask such things :grin:
Let’s forget that and move forward. Thanks for your attention.

The super key has no real effect with this. Ctrl + Alt + F2 - F6 will take you to TTY consoles 2 - 6, which are command line only. The F7 - F9 are just black screens that don’t seem to do anything, at least that’s how it is on my machine. If you are any of the black screens you should be able to get back to DE by using Ctrl + Alt + F1.

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By ‘stuns’ I guess the OP means that when he pressed his shortcut, the consoles weren’t opening - just offering a black screen instead.

I’ve had this in the past when attempting to deal with a dodgy system, sometimes the console won’t come up.

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I realized that the super key has no effect and thank you for Ctrl + Alt + F1 solition.

Thank god I am still not crazy.

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