What do you use to backup your /home?

Hi people!
After spending 6 months using the same Manjaro install, learning how to use Linux and making a awful lot of mistakes I decided to start from scratch and reinstall the OS (the old installation was becoming slow and bloated).
This time I went with separate / and /home partitions, but when I tried to do a full backup with timeshift I sadly found out that it doesn’t really like to backup my /home files (it just tries to sync the files indefinitely), while I was able to backup my root partition.

So, what do you use to backup you files?
Is there a nice and easy way you would recommend?
I love timeshift, but I want so secure my personal files too!

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Deja-dup for me. It was the featured home backup program in Ubuntu Budgie and Linux Mint when I tried Linux last year, I still use it.


I use an external HDD for 1:1 backup of data and .config files. Several sticks as fallback for important documents. No software solution, no cloud.

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I have been using backintime for years now. It’s in the official repository.


rclone, it has many cloud settings and you can run it whenever you like.

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Well I use Timeshift and include all files in my /home backed up to /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift/snapshots/ (actually /mnt/T3/timeshift/ which gets re-mounted).

I also started using a separate config backup (konsave) to export plasma configs to my Dropbox so I can switch very easily between styles.

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And also old-fashioned manual backups on hard drives or USB flash drives (or even DVDs sometime, yes, they still exists in 2021). Just create an archive and copy the file in HDD/USB drive.

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CloneZillla every day of the entire computer
Internal haddisk 4TB

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rsync and git.


Deja Dup onto a 2TB external drive, once a week or so. I confess to using the cloud via MegaSync so I have the same Documents and Pictures folders across multiple computers.


is it possible to run Deja-Dup with 2 external hard drives? I have tried but I have to change the drive in the settings each time which I find really clunky. I would prefer if it just recognized either of the drives without me having to go in and switch it.

Deja-Dup,files are encrypted to Google Drive.

Since I am on Unstable, I backup the entire system (/ and /home, excluding some dirs) using Back in Time (root) almost every time I see a big and/or scary list of packages’ updates. Those like icu, qt*, systemd* and so on.

For “/home”-backups, I did setup a backup via “borg”-backup to my Synology-NAS into an NFS-directory.
Running via a script as a daily cron-job.

I’m also on Unstable.
I always try to keep my /Home clean and small.

Important Documents are manually saved on other Drives and shared across devices.
(In case of Disk Errors)

My /Home is on a different drive.
If Manjaro breaks(Or if I want to hop distro’s), I can reinstall it without having to worry about /home

Duplicati to a NAS.