What do you think about Bottles and Lutris?

I want to install epic, battlenet and origin for games, and found this options, but what do you suggest and why? I’ve seen that Bottles has less time but seems to be better…but i could be very wrong cause i’m newbie :stuck_out_tongue: so, thank you for your insights.

Lutris, because you can use whatever WINE/Proton version you want, and keep it, so nothing never changes in your game ‘prefix’. Apparently Bottles is using the system’s WINE so you have no control over that. Also Bottles basically has the same features as Lutris (but Lutris seems to have more).

in what would it be better?

//EDIT: for Epic, you better use Heroic Games Launcher (a Linux application) which is basically a Bottles/Lutris but specifically for Epic and GoG games.

Installing a game launcher in Bottles/Lutris and using its prefix/bottle for all its games is a bad idea, prefer having one unique prefix/bottle per game so the tweaks/workarounds/modifications necessary to have a game working, do not break another game inside the same prefix/bottle (when all are installed inside the same prefix/bottle in the game launcher).

That’s the point of these tools, having separated and clean WINE prefixes/bottles for each game or application.


Oh ok, but then what you recommend is something like this?:

  • Heroic Games Launcher - Epic and GoG
  • Lutris - Battlenet, Origin, Amazon Gaming
  • Bottles - None

It’s so good that steams runs by itself, but have found some ocasional problems :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, thanks for the help :smiley:

Yes I would install each game as a separate Lutris game, and I would use Heroic instead of the EPIC launcher.

But I wouldn’t install each launcher (Origin, B.net, or other) directly in Lutris, I would make one ‘install’ per game so each game is separated from the others (really easy with the pre-made install scripts on Lutris website, but it is also not complicated, once you get the hang of Lutris, to manually create a prefix for each game (Bottles on that side may be easier maybe).

//EDIT: also, nothing forbids you to actually try both applications and decide for yourself.

//EDIT2: also some link Why Bottles? - Bottles (seems like actually Bottles doesn’t use the system WINE? it has its own version too)

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