What command can get my Win10 key?

Because /run is for temporary mounts that doesn’t survive a system reboot…

Ok that wasn’t right. I am doing it from Mamjaro installed. How do I permamount?

Easiest way to permamount is with Gnome Disks. You can also do it by editing the /etc/fstab file manually(which is what Gnome disks will do for you)

If you use Gnome disks, you find the disk and click mount options and click mount at startup and it’ll do it. You can further customize if you want, but not needed.

If chntpw is installed correctly the following command gave an output:

pamac search -i chntpw

You can download a Windows program called Belarc Advisor.
You can use it for free.
This will list your key for you.

Hi! I had the same issue, and it was challenging for me to get one.

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