What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum

I agree with the team, then. Having a newbie section only contributes to the mess, because that where most users will post, and the result is a pool of non-categorized and non-tagged threads about all sorts of issues. It’s more work for the mods to tag and categorize/move everything in the right place. If that section is missing, users are forced to seek the most appropriate section to post on.

Unfortunately they don’t though. New users or users not comfortable with the CLI just panic and don’t read anything and just post in the general section. I don’t see anyway to stop it as its just human nature. I was just suggesting some sort of sandbox where new users or even none members could ask a question without being flamed and keep it away from the main threads. When i was a moderator on xda we had the "xda portal " where people could ask questions away from the main forum and not be flamed. It didn’t always work but it helped keep the main forum clean.

At the end of the day there’s no perfect solution and the team will decide which way they want to handle all the repeat/newbie questions


Thanks for letting us know. I’ll inform the other TL3s to pay more attention to the categories of the stuff we’re responding to and re-classify more aggressively proactively…



I for one am already doing that, as well as correcting typos in thread titles and sanitizing titles that are either too long or have “Haaaaaalp plz!!!” in them. :stuck_out_tongue:

But there’s another clue there, namely that if they can’t even be bothered to type their thread titles correctly ─ and there is plenty of time for them to review the title before they post their thread ─ then that indicates a sloppiness, and this sloppiness may then also lie at the very root of the problem they’re having.

And it’s definitely there, judging by how many of them ask the same thing without having looked around on the forum, or ─ and I personally hate this ─ when they start a thread, and if they don’t get a reply within 15 minutes, they’ll just start another thread about the same thing.

But then again, we’re living in a world that actively promotes selfishness and egomania, so I guess it’s all to be expected. But now I’m getting philosophical and that might get us to stray off-topic, so let’s not go there. :thinking:

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Yes that utterly annoys me.


I think part of the problem is people see “bleeding edge” "latest releases " "easy to install " "great for gaming " Yes manjaro is all those things and more but it will also attract a lot of younger users and people who expect to be spoon fed. I guess its the downside for making an easy to install distro


This. :arrow_up:


How to provide good information

I would change that into something where the benifit for the poster is more clear.

For example:

The ultimade guide to getting quick solutions to your problems :sunglasses: