What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum

What questions does everyone see over and over in the forum?

  • “Haaalp! My WiFi is borked!”
  • Black screen on boot.
  • “Update broke my system.”
  • Nvidia-related stuff
  • “Why can’t I login”/“Why was my account deleted?”
  • Windows interoperability issues ─ read-only filesystems, et al.



Like @Aragorn said the main 2 atm are

Black screen on boot
Can’t install nvidia 450 drivers.

Saddest thing is there is literally a post just before there’s with the same question and answer. I know it’s human nature to panic or be lazy but when the very latest post is the same as there’s :pensive:


There seems to be an aversion among the newbies toward using the search function and/or a search engine. :man_shrugging:


It says on forum homepage in big letters to search first but that does not seem to be working.

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I think it’s a newbie attitude problem, rather than a forum infrastructure problem. :man_shrugging:


Perhaps the magnifying glass icon needs text?

It should be clear enough in and of itself. :wink:

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How do I switch branch?

No, “switch” is appropriate. :wink:

Better would be “Instructions for switching branch are available in the Wiki.”

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It only replys once so thats good.


+1 googolplex

Shouldn’t that be a :duck::duck::walking_man:-plex? :stuck_out_tongue:



You know, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the true, rabid anti-google folks try to hijack that!


Oh, here’s another recurring issue: screen flicker. I’ve just seen another thread about it again.

I’m also noticing something that was just as prevalent on the old forum, i.e. newbies with user names made up of seemingly randomly chosen alphabetic and numerical characters.

When you see those, then you can be certain that they’re not interested in becoming part of the community. They’re only here because they’ve got an issue that they can’t solve, and they want/need our help. They’re usually also not interested in reading any documentation.


They “Can’t see the wood for the trees”, as the old saying goes :wink:

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I’ve been seeing a lot of sound questions. No sound or crappy sound.

Yeah, sound issues have always cropped up. I’ve used Manjaro since 2013 and it’s never gone away. The flickering screen issues have lessened I think but nvidia still causes what’s left of them. :grimacing:

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