What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum

I recommend handing out the Phasers, and set to “Stun”. Naughty robot! :wink: :laughing:

Elon Musk’s Neuralink® technology. :stuck_out_tongue:

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hi everyone

Fill him up with Nanoprobes, his internals need sorting out. I guess laxatives wouldn’t work on a robot? :rofl:

hi, everyone

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thanks HelperBot, in a week all TL3 can retire.



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That is one way, bit it is really 2000ish … today there have to be an introduction video of max 5min to show the most important information. Most newbies are spoiled by such videos and well it is going to be a habit. Newbies are just lazy readers and i was one of them :wink:


where are iso manjaro ?

where is the FAQ ?

What are the most common questions (FAQ) in forum. This seems to be trending a lot at the moment :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Where can I get Google Drive Linux app!

Google isn’t going to release it yet /s :smirk:

Probably not official version.

There are packages in the repo (and in the AUR) for dealing with Google Drive. Most people know this, though.

the guys at stackoverflow have a nice feature that automatically suggests existing questions/thread based on the content when a user writes a new thread. it actually pointed me to a solution that i had not found before at least once. maybe this would be a solution for the “newbies don’t search” problem?

no idea though whether this is possible with disourse…


Not only that, there’s a “here are some articles similar to what you’re typing right now, pudding head” pane to the right of the text entry box ^___^

ok, so this already exists… sorry…

Fyi, this is only the case in Desktop view. Not mobile view.


thanks, not realy had time to test mobile yet.

we don’t have that issue in manjaro, any web app takes 5min to build for desktop using jak backend, check it out.

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