What are the default GNOME 3 extensions Manjaro uses?

I haven’t used Manjaro in forever in favor of another distro (EndeavourOS). I want to have a Manjaro like experience, without the Manjaro branding or the repos (because if for example libxyz in the AUR needs libabc 1.1 and the Manjaro repos only have libabc 1.0, it will fail.). What are the default extensions? (The Layout switcher is very helpful). Please make sure I can actually execute the cmds, and not be Manjaro repo exclusive pkgs.

The list of extensions used for certain layouts are listed as optional dependencies of gnome-layout-switcher:

If you want the Manjaro experience and want up to date packges from Arch, use our unstable branch. It’s very close with Arch, usually within a few hours. You can compare package versions here:

Cool! Thanks.

I know this is kinda off topic, but what is the difference between the full and minimal iso? I know the minimal one is minimal, but what apps does it not include?

There’s a pkgs.txt for each ISO you can run a diff against if you wish:

How do I run a diff? Don’t tell me I have to compare them manually. How big is the minimal iso? I don’t want to download it and then find out I don’t have a big enough medium.

All you have to do is download manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt (full) and manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt (minimal) and compare the two with diff or if you prefer a GUI use meld:

diff manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt
meld manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59-pkgs.txt

With Meld you can also open each file from the GUI.

The file sizes are listed there on the page.

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