What are the accepted values for capabilities?

Hello all,
I have some led stripes attached to my motherboard and they can be controlled by openrgb. However, it only works when starting it as a root, which I would like to avoid. As a possible solution accoring to openrgb is to give it additional capabilities by running sudo setcap cap_sys_rawio=ep ./openrgb
So the question is what does ep as a value of setcap cap_sys_rawio stand for?

After reading the man pages of man setcap and man capabilities (see here), I assume that it sets the capabilities to “Effective” and “Permitted”. However, I could not find any source that explains details about the available values and what they mean.

Does anyone have good source to read up on that topic?

According to my zsh autocompletion:

e  -- effective
i  -- inheritable
p  -- permitted

A good source is the man page:

man capabilities

There ar a lot of them… read all of them: linux capabilities at DuckDuckGo

man capabilities is an interesting read and so is man setcap.
However, they fail to define what values setcap utilizes.
An an example one can use setcap cap_sys_rawio=ep but what the value ep actually means is not in there as those abbreviations don’t seem to be defined in there. As mentioned before, I assume that it is “effective” and “permitted” but that is just a guess

I was not aware that zsh can autocomplete in that context.
That will suffice to confirm my earlier guess.
Thank you all

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