What are lightweight calendar apps for Xfce (or GTK)?


A long time ago I used Orage to handle my ICS calendar as a file. It was ugly but 100% efficient and totally satisfied me. Unfortunately it has been, I presume, abandoned and I have not been able to find a suitable replacement ever since. I’ve tried Thunderbird (to also replace Claws Mail) but it came with another batch of annoyances and I grew fed up of it. I’ve also wanted to try Gnome calendar but it comes with Evolution Data Server /o\ . As for Claws, plugin vcalendar doesn’t seem to support ICS files (as a backend data file that is)… My bad: it does! My bad again: it does but read-only…

I only need an app that can use my ICS file(s) as a backend and take new appointments/events when I need to, preferably from my Xfce desktop — I know there are console applications and they are great however I need something to notify me of upcoming events using Xfce’s notification area, for instance.

Is there such a thing?

Thanks in advance for any hint or suggestion.

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While I’m not sure this is really Manjaro related… do you know this site?

Yes, it is (still) called orage and it is in the AUR. Why don’t you continue using it ?
It’s fine (even on stable branch).