What are known bugs of manjaro-gnome 202105030300 / how stable is it for daily driver?

Hi community, I am new to Manjaro, coming from Ubuntu/ElementaryOS. I am using Manjaro Gnome 21.0.3 stable currently, and I am loving it! But I want want to try Gnome 40 as my daily driver, so before going down that road, I wanted to ask what are some known bugs that I should be aware of?

On Releases · manjaro-gnome/download · GitHub I can see that the latest release tag is [202105040258].

Also, since I am new to the community please let me know if I have not followed any rule.

It’s a development release. Not a stable release.

Last I heard, there was a couple of extensions not ready yet.

Thanks for the response @Strit I understand that it’s a daily dev release. These extensions that you are talking about are these default extensions (which comes out of the box after instalation)? any other issue apart from this?

Also, one more query, if install dev release now, and later on when stable will be released, will I have to reinstall from the stable iso or will the package update take care of it and I just change the pamac upstream to fetch packages from stable?

I don’t uise Gnome, but I will answer as good as I can.

I assume they are part of the default experience.

I think the dev image is based on unstable or testing branch, but you don’t have to re-install. Just switch branch and downgrade/upgrade all the packages and you should be set.

Cool, so installing dev now and switching to stable won’t require to re-install the os again.

Thanks for your time again.

Although I would like to have other people’s opinions and thoughts as well, who are using these daily dev builds of gnome?